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Sungka is a fun and traditional Filipino game that I could play for hours! Sungka reminds me of my happy memories growing up. We would sit on the floor, just enjoying our quite time playing it. It reminds me of embracing the basic,of putting value to where we came from,of looking forward in the hope of reviving and conserving our rich culture and heritage to the next generation.


Kinakin or Ifugao Hut

Kinakin house is compact and, though deceptively simple, its architecture is quite sophisticated. Built by clever mostisans without nails or hardware, it exemplifies the exactness of Ifugao construction. With the exemption of reed and cogon used in the roofs, the entire house uses heavy hand-hewn timber. Elevated to about shoulder height by four posts usually made of hard wood, the house, with periodic re-roofing, can last several generations.

Kinamot: Eating Bare Hands

It's not practice in every household, but some Filipinos enjoy eating with their bare hands. In Cebuano language, we called this "kinamot". I noticed that when you eat in bare hands, you'll eat a lot more than you eat using silverware, specially if you've got sticky rice and dried fish for viand. :)

Boodle Fight Lunch: Rice, crispy fried maling, salted egg mixed with vinegar and sliced onions

Adding twist to eating bare hands, boodle fight is now popularly serve even in middle class restaurants. Boodle fight is a where rice and different kinds of viands are placed in banana leaves. You'll eat with your bare hands along with everyone, this is good experience to share with family and friends.

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