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Filipino Traditions

Filipino or Pinoy tradition is a mix of several different tradition. From our ninuno such as Lapu Lapu, Rajah Solayman up to Spanish, American, Japanese tradition.

The Filipino way is an attitude that is unique to the 7,197 islands of the Philippines.

Humor is one. Filipino is gifted with sense of humour and you'll see this in their everyday life. There are lots of stand up comedian and funny artists.

Bahay Kubo

This is a protype of a bahay kubo that you will usually find ina resort or park across the Philippines. Mostly used as a shade and table is different beach and swimming pool resort. It is small but cute and a ten person family or friends can squeeze in!

Tacsiyapo Wall

Tacsiyapo Wall is one destination that makes Isdaan famous. Aside from the fish farm and asian motif of the place, Isdaan is widely known on their wall. It is not an ordinary wall as you've think of. This is a hate wall as I call it. If you are so angry that you want to throw something, make sure you will throw it on Tacsiyapo Wall. A wall that accept anything you throw he he.. From cup, saucer, plate up to television set, anything you can throw!

I had fun breaking a plate in the Tacsiyapo Wall! Anger Management, goodbye to my anger! I recommend you guys try this in Isdaan in Pampanga.

The Tacsiyapo Wall was featured many times on TV and on print. Guests buy a mug or plate for P8-15 or even a functioning TV P1,500. Once you’ve chosen your weapon, take a deep breath, then throw your weapon unto the wall, break it into pieces and release your tension along with it.

Tacsiyapo is a kapampangan word which means P.I. in tagalog, you know what i mean,. The well-renowned restaurant named Isdaan is famous for having Tacsiyapo Wall wherein there is a large wall with common names placed in a cartoon dialog box, and you can throw a piece of plate or a tv in a particular dialog box in order to release your anger. What a way to release your anger. Just be sure that you don't hurt anyone in the process.

Sinking Bell Tower of Laoag

Sinking Bell Tower of Laoag City, Ilocos Norte. This centuries old 45 meter tall bell tower built by the Augustinian Friars in 1612. The Sinking Bell Tower of Laoag City in the province of Ilocos Norte is one of the first things you may spot upon entering the city proper.

Ferdinand Marcos Museum

President Ferdinand Marcos Museum

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