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National Museum

The National Museum of the Philippines is the official repository established in 1901 as a natural history and ethnography museum of the Philippines. It is located next to Rizal Park and near Intramuros in Manila. Its main building was designed in 1918 by an American architect Daniel Burnham. Today, that building, the former home of the Congress of the Philippines, holds the National Art Gallery, natural sciences and other support divisions.

The adjacent building in the Agrifina Circle of Rizal Park, formerly housing the Department of Finance, houses the Anthropology and Archaeology Divisions and is known as the Museum of the Filipino People.


Next to the king of the road is the famous tricyle or traysikel. Trike, a shortcut name for tricycle, is commonly use for short distance commute. Usually a five seater transpo including the driver but seven or more people can fit in and out of the trike. With their different colors and loud noise usually attract passenger and tourist to try the trike.

Bolinao Souvenirs

Almost any place you visit here in the Philippines at least represents one famous souvenir. And this cute little turtle made of sea shells is what Bolinao is known for. Sea shells washed ashore and an artistic mind is all the maker need and you can take home the turtle sea shell pasalubong! Aside from that, there are lots of other intricate design you can choose.

Rosquillos Festival

It all started when this girl was making of these little ringlet cookies date back to April 3, 1907, when the then 21 year old Margarita “Titay” Frasco was tinkering in her kitchen with her baking ingredients and made her new culinary creation.

Kneading the dough manually and using a wooden eggbeater, some baking tins and a clay oven, little did the 21 year old know that she was starting a product that would put her little town in the national and international map of gastronomic delight.

The market for her unnamed cookie started with her neighbors and passersby who were offered the snack as a freebie for every purchase of a bottle of soda. It was then Cebu Governor Sergio OsmeƱa, who later became Philippine president, who gave it the name rosquillos after the Spanish word rosca. As years passed, people going to northern Cebu have made it a habit to drop by the store to buy the rosquillos. It is also a known fact that those who couldn’t visit Cebu would ask friends who are in Cebu to buy some for them.

Rosquillos have become a household name, a product that is aptly celebrated in a festival that Liloan could call its very own.

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